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About Us

You may ask why you haven't heard of us. It's simple: we've been quietly working behind the scenes, under the radar, for our clients and theirs since 1987.

We use our wide-ranging experience to solve their problems, save them time and tell their stories.

Whenever possible, we utilize off the shelf technology and proven development techniques to get the job done on time and within budget. We don't deliver "cookie cutter" solutions however. Our products and services are designed specifically for the client.

Workflow Wizards brings "life" & interactivity to your products and services through the judicious use of technology and design.

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Our Services

Interactive Software

• for museum exhibits

• trade shows & events

• corporate lobby displays

• information center kiosks

Instant Kiosk


• content development

• content maintenance

• fully custom fabrication

  or personalized stock


• imaginative applications for

  interactive devices

• product development &



• event control

• simulators

• robotics


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