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Customer Stories


Architectural Department of a large bakery / café chain gets timely networking and (AutoCad & general support) for their off-site office when their parent IT department could not provide it.

Fortune 500 Company
gets Mac support. We developed and facilitated Macintosh training for support technicians who were only familiar with Windows so they could assist in supporting R&D, engineering and design departments

Local Civil Engineering Firm
uses our 'outsource IT department' saving their spending of Engineers' pay rates just to keep their systems running well.

Regional Chamber of Commerce has their membership and billing needs integrated into a new custom database that will interact with their website.

Major Toy Company saves approximately $20,000 for each product refill they design when they use the Illustrator Plug-In we designed and developed.

Another Major Toy Company decreases time to market, increases their number of titles, and stays on budget for their educational product by utilizing the services of our embedded interactive content development team. They also use some of our practices as a model for their in-house teams.

National Retail Startup Company gets an affordable IT infrastructure that would be the envy of any Fortune 500 company; including warehouse/inventory, retail POS, VPN connectivity, and Windows servers within an Active Directory Domain, all with backups, redundancy, imaging, and remote support.

Local Weekly Newspaper
saves about 30 hours per week using the workflow database system we developed for production.

Small Mortgage Company
connects their work-at-home sales reps with their main server thanks to our VPN connection.

Small Injection Mold Machining Compan
with large national clients was able to retrofit their milling machines with CNC, interfacing machines with computers. We engineered the interface... experience they couldn't find elsewhere.

Startup Magazine
uses our production and layout services to develop their first issue. It’s still on the stands today.

Local Health Care Organizations
publish newsletters for their clients, professionally and affordably with our help.

Statewide Substance Abuse Prevention Program
was able to provide their task forces with affordable, technical support and training. Task forces were one or two person offices located in just about every town. We designed and implement the program state wide.

Major Publisher of Newspapers
gets help. We remotely produced and coordinated layouts for advertising sections of each of their US weekly papers.

200 Bed Nursing Facility
transitions from mini-computers to PC based network. We developed software for highly specialized accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.

Large Navy Contractor
asks us for help to setup a server and network for their client to allow Macs, Windows, and Unix to work interdependently.





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